Ellen Degeneres

The 56 year old American comedian, television host, actress, writer and recent philanthropist who had already been standing up for her cause and the LGBT community. She recently started taking action in poor areas and by boycotting inhumane events in foreign countries, her latest cry for help was when the sultan of Brunei instigated new […]

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Bill Gates

The founder of Microsoft, business magnate and inventor who is also been the richest man on earth has been able to achieve so much in his life that at the age of 58, he can fully devote himself to philanthropism. He still has a foot set in the technological world, in fact his latest great […]

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Mark Zuckerberg 

This 30 year old internet entrepreneur and philanthropist started off his life when he created an internal campus social network at Harvard which was then distributed to other major universities in the country. His idea then grew and he launched “The Facebook” which then became facebook.com, the world’s largest and most used social network. In […]

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Larry Page

At 41 years of age, Larry Page he is the co-founder of Google with Sergey Brin which is the main reason that enabled him to express his humanitarian side. Larry Page is at the head of Google X, which is a semi-secret department in google that is in charge of projects such as Google Glass, […]

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Elon Musk

At 42 year old, this South African-born Canadian-American entrepreneur, inventor and great investor (and billionaire) started off his professional rise when he co-created PayPal and X.com,  he then founded “Space X” the first private space freight operator, before founding “Tesla”, the most advanced electric car manufacturer in the world with which he is trying to help the […]

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Those who change things…

Nowadays, what some people call Celebrity Benefactors or Business Magnates have become increasingly ubiquitous, in fact, most celebrities and famous people are trying to impact peoples’ lives, the way we all live and, on a larger scale, the face of earth. This is how “Celebrity Benefactor” could be defined, philanthropists who are rich and most […]

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