So here it goes …

Dear reader , whoever you are and wherever you are ,

I’ve been meaning to start my own blog and YouTube channel for a long time but have never had the guts to start doing it.

First a bit of info on … ME … yours truly :

– 18 years old student

– I live in Lyon France

– I am half Australian and half French (that explains the sexiness)

– I’ve always travelled the world , and have never been in the same place for more than 2 years , except for Dubai , but don’t put the carriage before the horses dear ; you’ll hear more about that later on

– I am fond of fashion and love music , art , reading , writing , singing , dancing , partying , painting , songwriting , long walks under the rain , hot chocolate , Vegemite (Haters gonna hate) , sitting next to the fire with a cup of boiling tea when it’s raining or snowing outside … the list goes on and on

– Sounds weird (you’ll understand why once you learn more about me) but i’m studying Business at I.N.S.E.E.C in Lyon

– Currently , i’m recording my first album (such a headache -> more on that later on)

– I’m looking for inspiration

– I have millions of things on my mind

– I have to go shopping before uni starts

– I have to start buying furniture and stuff for my new apartment

And there you go … i start talking and talking about millions of things that lead to another million … i might have A.D.D , but guess what , that’s great because it means you’ll always be getting new blog posts , and Vlogs (i have to update you on that later on)

About my videos , i recorded a few , but i want to start fresh and forget those (i’ll probably do a mash-up).

So that’s ME

The life of a young adult , who freshly moved to France , ready to face life and to write all about it

Get Ready guys because the roller coaster you are getting on is an awesome ride but it’s a long one and there are a few requirements :

– Racists , Sexists , Homophobes , Machos etc… You can leave now

– Haters , negative commenters etc… You can leave now

And all of you who know you just want to add fuel to the fire … refrain from doing so

Lots of love and PinkCherryPies

Yours Truly

-Pink Lapel-



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