My Love For SUITS


Aaaaaaaaahh nothing can describe the perfection of that word , whether it is the T.V Series , Suits (that you wear) , Law suits , Neil Patrick Harris , etc… Anything related to that word is either sexy , attractive , interesting , awesome , jaw dropping … That word signifies utter PERFECTION .

To illustrate it :

– I have all the episodes of Suits and H.I.M.Y.M on my hard drive

– Every movie in which Neil Patrick Harris has starred is on my MacBook

– I constantly follow huge lawsuits (mostly Apple related stuff #GeekLife )

– I own about 10 suits , black ones , grey ones , brown , green and blue ones … It’s all I love , they just make you look so sexy and stylish. Once again nothing can describe it , plus , they are THE most comfortable thing you can wear , whether it’s casual ones or more formal ones , even tuxedos are really comfortable . The way that a suit tends to snap onto your shoulders when you put it on , and the softness of the inner layer of fabric is the reason why I fell in love with them.

When I go shopping I always end up walking out with a new suit or a blazer on top of what I’ve purchased , it’s crazy , the other day , I came home with 2 new suits and 2 blazers (they were 80% off the original price , so I had no choice but to buy them) , and that’s on top of the 20 new shirts and t-shirts and shorts I bought , but I still have to go and get some trousers , casual ones , smart ones and formal ones , just to have a new wardrobe , and then again I’ll feel as if I still have to buy more and more stuff.

France is a lot cheaper when it comes to general clothing , compared to Dubai at least.

But now the sale season is over , I’ll have to wait for individual store clearances and the winter sales to go out for more shopping because , I still am a student and don’t have much money to spend after all.

Lots of love and PinkCherryPies

Yours Truly

-Pink Lapel-


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