Tea , jam and the “Voice Karma”

For the pas few days , I’ve been recording (trying to at least) all of my songs using my new recording equipment I got for graduating 😀
But the thing is (you singers out there will know) when you are facing a microphone with a full set of machines and weird stuff surrounding you, you are unable to sing as you would sing if you were singing live in front of people , I don’t know why , but the emotion comes out differently.
So here I am , done with most of the song tracks and ready to record my voice , but it doesn’t come out just as I want it to … I just end up re-recording the same song over and over again , without ever being able to find the right version.
If I could give you some advice , this would be it :

– Drink tea before singing , preferably ginger tea as the spiciness relaxes your vocal chords and enables you to have a smoother voice

– DO NOT eat or drink any dairy products on the day you planned to record , they grease up your vocal chords and clog them up making it … well , basically shitty not as good as it should be

– When you start recording , whatever program you are using (whether it’s GarageBand , Logic Pro , Ableton , Pro Tools or any other software) KEEP ALL OF THE VERSIONS YOU RECORD , you can then put bits and pieces from different versions to make the “perfect one”
– When you are standing in front of that microphone that is judging you by its professional looks, think of something or someone , or have a friend sit next to you during the recording, so they can give you advice and you’ll feel that you absolutely have to impress them no matter what

– Warm up your voice as much as possible as you do NOT want to hurt yourself and end up damaging it

These are the ones I can think of , just off the top of my head … I’ll probably come up with some more further down the road.

Apart from that , my mom is moving to a new place so I’ve been taking all of her stuff (trust me when I say that there’s a lot of boxes and stuff to bring up to the 3rd floor without any elevator whatsoever)

Anyhow , that has set me back quite a bit , and added to the fact that I have loads of legal paperwork to get off my shoulders , I barely have any time left to get my music done.

So , to relax , I spend my time drinking tea and making jam to have with my tea 🙂 of course , while watching Suits , which is the best series I have watched since now. It perfectly mixes suspense with action , humor , love stories and everything you would expect from a TV series. Plus they wear SUITS 😮 -> LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT

That’s about it … I’ll go back to my songwriting and recording if I manage to get it done 😛

Lots of love and PinkCherryPies

Yours Truly

-Pink Lapel-


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