Australia’s back with babies and memories

My older cousin from Australia has been in Denmark for a few weeks now , and due to a plethora of reasons (mainly because her residence had issues , and also due to some diploma equivalents) she has to go back to Australia.

So she spontaneously decided to come spend a week with us , with her adorable 7 months old baby boy named Patrick. Being his 2nd degree uncle or something it’s great to see him for the first time.

I hadn’t seen her for 6 years so we had millions of things to catch up on thus making us spend every single day talking and talking (about all the things we missed out) and playing with the baby.

We talked about all the amazing things we lived together when we were younger and everything that has happened ever since. Rekindling all those memories was absolutely amazing and emotional at the same time (in a good way)

Patrick is the most adorable little baby boy who can be ❤ He’s always smiling and giggling and jumping around AND he almost never cries. He’s really attached to me now and is constantly looking for me when I’m not in his field of vision. He’s got the most beautiful big blue eyes and a gorgeous smile that makes you want to eat him all up.

Getting to be with family you haven’t seen in ages is one of the things I cherish the most in life, catching up and being able to act as if you were with them just yesterday and nothing actually separated you shows you the amazing things life has hidden there waiting for you.

We dropped them off at the train station this morning , and they left as quickly as they arrived. Next time will either be next summer or if I go there before then that’ll be it. Anyway , the study exchange I’ve got to do in a year is going to be back home in Australia, and once I’m done with my masters degree, I plan on going there … but only destiny can choose that for me , because who knows , i might find Mr Right before ending my studies and decide to change my life goals and destinations.

Only time will have its’ say … and it’ll show us the way.

Lots of love and PinkCherryPies

Yours Truly

-Pink Lapel-


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