French Administration

French Administration

If you think moving to France is easy etc…. YOU’RE WRONG !!!

Everything here takes ages and is SOOOOOO old in every way.

To change a landline or internet address it takes A MONTH -> how are you supposed to live without internet during a WHOLE MONTH ?

When you sign any contracts, be it a credit card or a phone plan or whatever, you get 30 pages or more worth of paperwork when they could just give you the link to check it out online (the terms and conditions) like in any other civilised country, instead of giving you both, therefor wasting tons of paper and taxpayers money and killing trees, and overusing the postal services because YES everything works through postal services here ? When was the last time you heard -> Don’t worry Mam/Sir, we’ll mail that to you, so you can mail it back and we can check and find something wrong and send it back to you TWENTY times in a row. That takes weeks and costs money and labour etc…

But, i mean, how could they give you the T&C’s online if it takes them a whole month to activate your account ?

Wether you are in Australia, America, U.K, Dubai, Canada or any other developed country, everything is done on the internet, without receiving millions of bills and T&C’s and stuff AND mailing everything.

Anyhow I’m now in my mountain Chalet in the French Alps, enjoying the nature and the mountains and well, everything on television.

I am really thankful for the time i got to spend with my mother and to be able to spend a few days with my father now before going to Lyon. The French mentality and everything that goes around it is due, i think, to the fact that most of the local services and everything here is outdated (even education wise) so people find it painful to work & live, and have a bad mood+character and end up spreading it around to everyone.

I HAVE TO STAY AWAY FROM THAT BAD ENERGY and cleanse myself mentally and physically every now and then, I’ll keep you updated and you can join in my dearly beloved.

I am absolutely sorry if this article was negative or whatsoever but it is true and I had to go through all  of it and still have a lot more left, but I still keep my head held high, smile, and stay happy.

And I am really happy and thankful to have good friends close to me in the city and to live in a beautiful part of the city which is in a gorgeous part of France (ask Miss Semple, my ex history teacher -> best Lyon’er in the WORLD ❤ )

I will write you soon as I’ve prepared lots of great articles for you guys 😉

Lots of love and PinkCherryPies

Yours Truly

-Pink Lapel-

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