Singing under the moonlight

Singing under the moonlight …

Tonight, in a surge of emotion I jumped out of the living room window at midnight and sat in the garden with a mug of home-brewed chamomile, lavender and mint tea, my acoustic guitar and a huge warm blanket.

I just sat there, in the cold dark night, watching the millions of stars, the moon and everything that stood before my eyes, and started to sing.

Even though it was quite cold and chilly outside, my voice sounded good thanks to the warmth of my huge, soft, purple blanket.

That is one of the definitions of JOY for me, a.k.a being in contact with nature, expressing your emotions and feelings through an art you master, an art you love to do and love to share.

I was giving it my all, singing with all of my lungs until one of the neighbours stuck his head out of his window and shouted at me, ordering me to be quiet … so I … well I continued for a while and when he mentioned the cops I actually stopped.

Tonight I wrote a new song, on a lighter and more joyful note than my previous one, I call this one : Don’t Colour Me Blind

I have also decided to start a CrowdFunding campaign on one of the multiple websites available out there, to fund my first album which I will finish recording as soon as I am in Lyon and am able to find a good reliable recording studio and someone to do the mastering of my tracks. I have given up doing that through my manager (who is in Chambery, a small city in the alps, for the next few months) as he told me that nowadays if you start your career through one of the big record labels, you will end up with 3-6% of the revenue that comes from the albums, whereas is you produce them yourself you get 100%  (= A LOT OF WORK -> I am willing to march through it with my head held up high) minus the costs of CD’s and recording (70% of the sale price approximately)

I am not going to cut the cord with him as he will still be managing my CopyRights and Gigs and will be the face of my career, a.k.a my P.R./Manager/Gig-finder 😛

I have enough songs to release my full original album but I want to give the world a lot more than other artists, so i will do acoustic covers of some of my songs (so they have a choice), and I will also put a few Lady Gaga covers (if I manage to get the CopyRight agreement paperwork done in time).

Aaaaaaaand , my album will be called … **drumroll** …. you’ll know in one of my next posts 😀

That’s all for what is going on with my life so far and I’ll sure keep you all updated on everything (BTW those articles I promised are coming, don’t worry)

P.S.: I’ll post a link of my CrowdFunding platform page once it has started

Lots of love and PinkCherryPies

Yours Truly

-Pink Lapel-

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Potato …

Just a short shout out to my Potato, my big sister.
Now that we’re moving in together, we are officially potato and spatula (my nickname as I said in one of my posts).

We’re getting ready to move in, getting all the furniture and everything related to LIVING alone and together.

Anyhow, I’ve been writing a lot of articles and all of them are not quite done yet so I’ll post them ASAP.

Trying to get myself to film Vlogs for my channel , I’ll be doing that soon.

I love my POTATO ❤

Lots of love and PinkCherryPies

Yours Truly,

-Pink Lapel-

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