Ah coffee…


The drink of GODS

No word truly defines how perfect coffee is.

Unfortunately, people consume it in wrong ways, mixed with millions of chemicals and additives as well as milk sugar and other fattening substances.

COFFEE, should be consumed as it if brewed, whether it is a cold brew, a hot one, a french press brew, an expresso (or instant coffee for the disgusting amateurs out there)

My favourite is cold brew coffee, it was almost forgotten in the past few years and has made a surge very recently and you can now find it in some Starbucks or other more “Niche” coffee shops.

It is very simple to make and requires no machine or special equipment, here is how you do it :

You will need :

  • Ground up coffee beans (Arabica, I beg you not to buy Robusta) a.k.a Coffee Powder
  • An empty bottle of water
  • Water
  • A sieve or mesh or some kind of recipient to gather up the coffee powder once used
  • Time
  • Love
  • Optional : a fridge
  1. Mix the Ground up Coffee beans with the water (you can use any amount of coffee, use the same proportion of coffee you would put in a normal filter coffee machine)
  2. Put it all in the plastic bottle
  3. Shake it all up (you want to muscle-up those arms 😉 hihihi)
  4. Put it in the fridge
  5. Let it sit for a few hours -> Minimum=8hours (I just leave it over night, so it varies from 10 to 12 hours -> depending on when I cooked dinner)
  6. Take a glass full of ice cubes (optional)
  7. Fill it up with your coffee concentrate (make sure to filter out the pieces that haven’t set at the bottom of the bottle -> except if you want that to count as dinner 😛 )
  8. If it is to strong you can do 3/4 cold brew and 1/4 water
  9. Add anything you like (sugar, sweetener, cinnamon, cardamom, soy milk, etc…)

You’ll find that it has kind of a caramelised flavour and doesn’t taste like normal coffee 😀

You should ask the coffee shop closest to your place right now to see if they serve it.

Second best is iced Americano (with an extra shot of expresso)

Basically, you take a few shots of expresso, chuck them in a tall glass full of ice cubes (or shaved ice) and top it off with a bit of water (to fill in the gaps)

The great thing about Iced Americanos is that because the expresso is an express brewed coffee, you have an instantly intense aroma that is extremely complex, and cutting it down with some water and bringing the temperature down to a nice chill enables you to enjoy every single subtle flavour that coffee has to offer (even though it is quite intense -> connoisseurs only 😛 hahaha)

And the runner-up is …. basically, a french pressed, slow brew coffee…

When you wake up and it’s cold and foggy/rainy outside, you have that subtle yet intense aroma of coffee that fills your house, and when you go on and taste it, the only word that can describe the feeling you have is JOY.

It warms you up, wakes you up and tickles your taste buds.

As you might have been able to tell from what I said above, coffee is one of the most exhilarating yet diverse products that you can find on earth, and trying to savour it in different ways than the ones that we are used to is a great experience.

So go out and try it out… and for goodness sake, SHARE THE LOVE of coffee

Lots of love and PinkCherryPies

Yours Truly

-Pink Lapel-


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