October Playlist :D

Hello everybody 😀

Here is a playlist the songs I’m listening to this time of the month 😀 (if I’d actually put up my whole monthly playlist the wordpress server would explode XD )

Go ahead and listen to them, On Youtube or wherever you enjoy listening to music 😀 (and buy them on iTunes)

1 – David Bowie – Heroes (I just love this song, plus David Bowie is my hero, I love every single one of his songs)

2 – Bastille – Pompeii (I find this song SO uplifting, and the accoustic version as something eery and “je ne sais quoi” about it)

3 – The Samples – Could It Be Another Change

4 – Dexy’s Midnigh Runners – Come On Eileen (Oh god, I dance soooooo much to this song, it makes me feel infinite)

5 – Imagine Dragons – It’s Time (I love it, nothing more than that, it’s a great song)

6 – Daughter – Youth

7 – Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks   (WOOOOOOOOOW)

8 – The Smiths – Asleep (it’s a good song to listen in the metro or on the way to Uni)

9 – The Beatles – BlackBird (all of their songs, but this week i do prefer Blackbird 😀 )

10 – Passenger – Let Her Go (even though you should never let her go, this song is absolutely great)

11 – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- Thrift Shop (I know it has nothing to do with the other songs but hell, it’s GREAT )

12 – Fun – We Are Young  (it makes me think of millions of things, Dubai, my old life, gossip girl, etc… I just love it)

13 – Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait (though the beggining might be a bit rough, this song is really great, go look for an acoustic version)


There you go , that’s about it, sorry for not giving you an insight on each song but I’ve been quite busy, and this is the only free time I have (I actually enjoy writing here).

I’ll put up a new post ASAP and you’ll see, it’ll be worth the wait 😀

Lots of love and PinkCherryPies

Yours Truly

-Pink Lapel-



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