My new oven….

I baked food …

So I received my new oven a few days ago and had to spend almost an hour figuring out how to install it in my integrated made to measure kitchen (JOKING, the installer guys did it for us  hihihi… Anyhow, it’s been sitting there for a few days, looking at me and pleading for somebody to use it. SO I DID !!!

The other day I went to the supermarket and bought loads of baking stuff (and ended up buy a lot more than what I needed, including chocolate, Nutella, pastries and much much more -> oh god why).

I got home and started cooking 😀

My home smells sooooo good and I’m sure it’ll still smell this good in a whole week .

Basically, I roasted vegetables with tomato sauce and herbs and spices. I placed Eggplants, Zucchinis and Tomatoes in layers and covered it all with a bit of grated cheese (YUM), I added some pepper, paprika, chilly, provincial herbs, oregano, basil and that’s about it 😀 -> AND GARLIC 😀

I then just shoved it in the oven and believe me, the smell coming out of that oven was simply majestic. I wanted to take that oven and get married with it.

So that was it 😀 we ate it for dinner with my beloved sister and had a great meal (here’s a pic)

VEGGIES Doesn’t that look absolutely gorgeous ?

The next day I made some kind of “boeuf bourguignon” but instead of using beaf I used sautéed pork cubes. I shoved it all in the oven with some red wine and herbs and garlic and onions and VOILA , the magic had happened : My flat smelled like heaven and the dish was like having a gastronomical orgasm -> no kidding… I didn’t take any pics though because, let’s get real, an oven made stew looks like shit 😛

Then I went on and decided to make some Low-Fire stewed eggplants that I would puree eventually, so i just put the eggplants with zucchinis and tomatoes (diced) and put them with water in a covered oven dish for 2 whole hours. And the result is delightful, here is a little sneak peak into it. (it’s a picture of how i stored it afterwards -> sexy huh ?)

YUMMYAnd finally, today, I cooked THE most delicious rosted meat EVER

I bought a rolled up roast (pork, lean, without FAT, well as little as possible), put it in a dish and covered it in red wine, zucchinis, a bit of water, loaaaads of herbs and more wine 😛

(go check out my video on my youtube channel of me cooking it 😀 )

And that’s all there is to say 😀


I’ll make sure to post more often and make them a bit more “in depth”

Make sure to go check out my youtube channel (and Subscribe / Comment / Like my videos)


Lots of love and PinkCherryPies

Yours Truly

-Pink Lapel-



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