My First French Halloween

First French Halloween with Zahra L.J


When autumn comes, the leaves start falling and my favourite time of the year starts: the Holiday season, Halloween, ThanksGiving, Christmas, and the whole holiday spirit that goes with it (Zahra would call it the “Autumn spirit”). Plus being a great costume fan, I absolutely love Halloween.

The fact that we can dress up freely and be scary for a day is what I enjoy (plus all the candy from trick-or-treating).

Anyhow, for the first time in my whole life, I spent Halloween NOT GOING OUT TO TRICK OR TREAT … even though I had an amazing time with my best friend Zahra, we stayed in because of the country we live in.

Because YES my friends, in France, people do NOT celebrate Halloween how it actually should be celebrated haha (a.k.a no fun at all = French Style).

When I was young, Halloween used to be this AMAZING thing, my mom would arrange a huge party and we would invite all of my friends over, our house would look like a horror movie and we’d have an amazing time. We would then go trick-or-treating and come back home with tons and tons of candy and then watch movies under the covers in the living room with all the lights off (scary stuff when you’re an 8 year old).

At that time, Halloween wasn’t just this one day thing, we would prepare our home a few days in advance, decorating the whole house and the garden with spider webs, skeletons, crypts and millions of scary things. I would even build traps for my family and friends around the house so they would be surprised by them (I was a child, so lets get real … they weren’t ACTUALLY scary). We’d also go to scary mazes, and watch horror movies (I love them).

But it’s not meant to be a child-only holiday. Even in the past few years, I would get dressed up really realistically, with scabs and cuts and amazingly accurate things and we’d go out with friends to more “grown-up” events. And yes, I admit that I would also go trick-or-treating, but I had an excuse: I was there to accompany my Friends little brothers or sisters, but I can assure you that I had as much fun as them (a hundred times more).

Let’s come back to the present and stop our short time-travel. In France, people do not dress up, kids do not go trick-or-treating and even clubs do not celebrate Halloween the way it should be celebrated. By that I mean, it’s just like any other night out clubbing (no decorations or anything), the only thing is that if you come dressed in red and black, you get a free drink … let me say “WOOOHOOO”, things are going to get cray-cray, i’m being sarcastic here.

In other words, we boycotted “French Halloween”, by staying in and singing all night  and having a great dinner. We also talked of old times and basically, well, we had a great time 😀


So all in all, we had an absolutely amazing time and filmed it all in my latest YouTube video

Here it is :


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