Welcome to The City

As soon as I stepped foot in CA I felt  there was something special about this place. I had arrived in the bay area, the place to be for startups, entrepreneurs, investors, techies… you name it. San Francisco, or “The City” as most people like to call it here, is an actual burst of colours, energies, shapes & sounds, and everything you might desire. It encapsulates the most diverse population I have lived in taken down to the amount of people in the city, which is ridiculously low.

Try picturing a sunset on a hilltop, now looking out through the most magical viewfinder you could imagine. The diversity of sights is mind-blowing, anywhere you go you’ll find different types of architecture, weather, people, art, monuments…

If i’d have to recommend places to go to, start by visiting :

  • The Golden Gate bridge, if you feel like it, make sure to walk across or to rent a bike and cross the bridge. The wind is so strong everything we were carrying kept flying away
  • Walk around china town, but make sure to go into the small backroads and alleys as that’s where you’ll find the best shops, restaurants, picturesque scenes etc…
  • Go down to Fisherman’s wharf and have a cup of clam chowder, the local specialty. Then gaze at the sea lions sunbathing by the piers and make sure to visit the ancient submarine/war boat and the “Mechanique” museum
  • and many more to come …




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