Those who change things…

Nowadays, what some people call Celebrity Benefactors or Business Magnates have become increasingly ubiquitous, in fact, most celebrities and famous people are trying to impact peoples’ lives, the way we all live and, on a larger scale, the face of earth. This is how “Celebrity Benefactor” could be defined, philanthropists who are rich and most importantly famous, who use a large part of their time to try to make the world a better place, and for most of them, being able to integrate it in their jobs and daily lives. All of these actions portray two major images of our world, first of all, that there is a long road in front of those who wish to banish the exponentially rising poverty and disparities, and, secondly that we are still very lucky to always have well thought people in our world.

Whether it is Elon Musk and his revolutionary way of thinking, Mark Zuckerberg and his innovative ways of managing, Bill Gates and his technologically visionary roots, Ellen Degeneres and her atypical social and people skills, Richard Branson and his outstanding entrepreneurial skills or Tim Cook and his visionary management techniques and extensive interpersonal assets, they constantly try to put all their efforts and qualities together, not only to deliver an excellent job and be the best in what they do but most of all, they use them in such ways that they try to change to world in whatever way they can. This constant drive towards personal and professional achievement transcends all types of people, whether it is in Hollywood, New York, Athens, Paris or Dubai, ever single one of those magnates nowadays tries to shake things up in their own way, for the whole world’s well-being.

This leads us to how we are going to problematise this small series, it is more of a general fact about our civilisation that brings us to ask ourselves : to what extent have famous people started a new trend we could call the “Celebrity Benefactor” paradigm?

To elicit the points made in the articles we will observe and analyse various cases and actions individually and chronologically before taking the analysis to a larger scale.

Keep posted for the rest….



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