Elon Musk

At 42 year old, this South African-born Canadian-American entrepreneur, inventor and great investor (and billionaire) started off his professional rise when he co-created PayPal and X.com,  he then founded “Space X” the first private space freight operator, before founding “Tesla”, the most advanced electric car manufacturer in the world with which he is trying to help the world become a greener and more responsibly managed place. A world in which ressources are well-balanced and protected. To do so, he uses multiple strategies, first of all, he is filling the world’s map with “SuperChargers” which are very efficient, quick, eco-friendly and free electric car charging stations, in fact you can now go almost anywhere in north America and you will find a always SuperCharger to charge your car with. His goal is to double the number of superchargers around de world and to quadruple the number of regular charging stations.

This initiative was drafted-up to encourage people in America to buy electric vehicles and now people around the world. The only problem is that electric cars nowadays are extremely expensive and have a relatively bad mileage, and due to the fact that not a lot of charging stations are available, people are pushed away from electric cars. But Elon Musk is trying to change it, and his second strategy is to launch in the very near future an affordable electric car that everybody would be able to afford, which would have outstanding battery-life, and would be practical and yet futuristic / minimalistic in its design (the same design traits are applicable to all of his concepts), this concept is set to launch in 2017 delays might be expected as the U.S government is not necessarily in favour of having an exponential number of e-vehicles on the roads, as that would mean less petrol being sold , in fact, they are now forbidding Tesla Motors from opening car dealerships in some states, but Elon Musk is finding new means of distribution for his cars throughout the states where Tesla is banned.

Elon Musk continues on his entrepreneurial strive as the new Henri Ford and with new projects such as the “HyperLoop” which will revolutionise the way we travel and much more.


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