Bill Gates

The founder of Microsoft, business magnate and inventor who is also been the richest man on earth has been able to achieve so much in his life that at the age of 58, he can fully devote himself to philanthropism. He still has a foot set in the technological world, in fact his latest great action was a system he invented that would disable any cameras from filming your screens while you are using them, this is done by a series of ultra-violet lights which are beamed towards the suspect camera, lens, or telephone. By making these inventions on an open-source platform, he encourages people to develop such products in their companies, cities or even countries. And by having safer phones, screens, ATMs and other machines, people will be less drawn towards stealing and cracking or hacking bank accounts, thus making the world a safer place. Not only does he try to create a socio-technologically responsible world but he has pledged as well as his wife to do the same feat as many other rich and famous people which is to donate close to 100% of his fortune to various charities when he passes away. It is possible to visualise it as a way for Bill Gates to have a fun retirement activity, now he has let down the reigns of Microsoft and has a lot of free time on his hands. This strive to change the world has been pushed upon him by his wife, Melinda Gates who has always been drawn towards charity work and helping people’s lives. And it is true to assume that what he has achieved on a charitable stand-point has been thanks to his wife, and so it is the Gates couple that is actually changing the world. Some of these means of making the world a better place are simple donations or fundings of certain projects in rural areas but they also include projects such as the search for the future of contraception (to reduce H.I.V contaminations) and many other more which all have the aim of helping the world become a better place. 


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