Ellen Degeneres

The 56 year old American comedian, television host, actress, writer and recent philanthropist who had already been standing up for her cause and the LGBT community. She recently started taking action in poor areas and by boycotting inhumane events in foreign countries, her latest cry for help was when the sultan of Brunei instigated new laws with penalties such as death by stoning, severing of limbs and flogging for simple things such as indecent behaviour or failure to attend friday prayer. She put her whole crew and all of her employees, colleagues, friends and family members against the sultan of Brunei and got them to boycott famous hotels he owns across the world, this would create a network of boycotting which could then lead to the closure of these Brunei-owned businesses. And as Ellen is quite famous in the US and has a very large audience on TV but also on the web her message is being spread across the world to build awareness on the actions taking place in the sultanate of Brunei. Having a warm heart is an advantage but Ellen is starting to get herself into too many projects for her to manage, the barely has time for her wife and she even had to spend time in Hospital because of her over-active life-style. It is great for her to share her love and to create more of it, as long as she stays with us in good shape. Her energy and busy lifestyle is what makes her who she is and in addition to being a TV producer, hostess, and more, she lightens up the face of earth by helping young bullied teens thanks to her charity foundation, by raising awareness amongst teens, adults and even younger people, her charity work, which is mainly done with her wife Portia is what makes her such a great person and a personality who is here to put a smile on everybody’s face.


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