Larry Page

At 41 years of age, Larry Page he is the co-founder of Google with Sergey Brin which is the main reason that enabled him to express his humanitarian side. Larry Page is at the head of Google X, which is a semi-secret department in google that is in charge of projects such as Google Glass, Google Car, but also other humanitarian oriented projects such as Project Loon. For Larry Page, the Internet should be a human right, everybody on earth should have access to the internet because two thirds of the world’s population does not have access to the internet in any possible way and in some places you have one internet connection per 10 000 inhabitants, or even none. His project is to launch large balloons into the sky with radio transmitters that will transmit internet waves to the ground across the world, these are self sufficient and travel in the stratosphere at night, needing no maintenance or human interaction at all. His goal is to have free, self-sufficient and reliable internet everywhere on earth. These “loons” are being tested out in rural areas of New-Zealand where no internet is available and the population is scarce. This is made possible by the simple way Google works, they basically are the Internet and every single internet user is convertible into money for them because even though their product is free, there is always a sales point of view on the product being marketed. This said, their revenue for 2013 was of US$ 14.89 Billion, which means they are able to treat their employees as kings but most importantly, try to change the world, to make it a better place. Larry Page takes this personally, he tries to go forward by answering multiple current problematics for example : How can technology improve constitution design ? How can Google infrastructures help support freedom of speech ? How can Google resolve and prevent digital conflicts ? By doing so, Larry Page is not only helping the world, but he is also creating an extremely clean image for Google who now has an impeccable social responsibility reputation amongst companies across the industry. 


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